Peak Instant Milk Powder (380g Refill) X 6


  • Peak Instant Full Milk Powder is rich, highly nutritious and creamy whole milk that is extra fortified with 28 Vitamins and minerals. It is ideal for the whole family and can be enjoyed hot or cold.Peak evaporated milk turns every meal to a treat. No matter what you’re having it with (tea, pap, snacks), whether you’re taking it with breakfast, lunch or dinner, the delicious and sweet flavour makes your day. Rich in 28 vitamins, nutrients and proteins essential for strong bodies and sharp minds, Peak evaporated milk is perfect for both the young and old.
    • Full Creamy Milk
    • Unsweetened Tasty Flavour
    • Fortified with 28 Vitamins & Minerals
    • Guarantees Stronger Body & Sharp Mind
    • Inclusion in Meals Results in Balanced Nutrition

    buy peak evaporated milk cheap and convenient in nigeria

    Available in convenient to use and store tins and sachets, Peak can do much more than the traditional functions of milk. Scrambled eggs, stir fry, omelet, desserts, crispy chicken, kunu; the recipe options are almost endless. What’s more? It doesn’t what matter what you add Peak milk to, the result is always delicious!

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  • Makes full creamy milk
  • Supports Memory Function
  • Provides Energy For a Longer Period
  • Promotes Release of Energy
  • Necessary For Clear Eye Sight
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