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Haier Thermocool Standing Cooker 503G1E SLV Luxury


  • Brand: Haier Thermocool
  • Customer Model:  77650-0478
  • 3Gas and 1Electric burners
  • Cooker & Microwave Features: LPG Adjusted, Grill, Enamel PAN Support, Glass Cover
  • Grill: yes
  • Turnspit: yes
  • Ignition Type: Button
  • Dimension (H X D X W): 85 X 50 X60


Overview of HAIER THERMOCOOL SC503G-A Luxury:

Haier Thermocool Standing Cooker 503G1E SLV Luxury greatly reduces cooking time and provides convenience and ease to the user. With its multiple burners and oven, you can cook a wide range of dishes within a short timeframe. What’s more, you can cook these dishes simultaneously. Haier Thermocool Standing Cooker 503G1E SLV Luxury can grill, bake, fry, boil, roast etc, providing your family with delicious and nourishing meals in a short time, leaving you more time to spend on the really important things, like bonding with your loved ones. Haier Thermocool Standing Cooker 503G1E SLV Luxury uses petroleum gas or other flammable gas as a fuel source. This type of cooker is more reliable in locations with epileptic power supply. Haier Thermocool Standing Cooker 503G1E SLV Luxury features that make them up. Some key features to look out for when making a purchase are; Burners Caps: Be sure to look out for durable burners caps that can last as long as the cooker itself. Cast iron is usually the most durable material used in the production of burner’s caps, Pan Support – Having an unsteady pan support can make cooking hectic. Look out for a sturdy and well balanced pan-support when buying your cooker to give a more enjoyable cooking experience, Auto timer: This allows you set a duration for your cooking when using the oven, allowing you multi-task in the kitchen, Auto ignition: This gives the ease of turning on your cooker without using matches or a lighter. Simply turn on the hob, Double oven glass: The double oven glass will reduce kitchen heat, as well as the risk of the oven door burning one while the oven is in use. This is especially important for users with children, Flame failure: The flame failure device prevents gas fires in situations when the gas is left on without use. The device cuts off supply automatically after a few seconds, Easy- Cleaning: To make cleaning easier, most ovens are coated in smooth enamel which resists the burning-on of grease and food. Others come with self-cleaning Catalytic liners which become self-cleaning at higher temperatures and reduce all food deposit to ash, making it easier to dust off from the oven.

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